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COIT Web site Policy

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Information technology resources are strategic assets of the City and County of San Francisco that will be managed at the direction of the Committee on Information Technology (COIT).

Thus this policy is established to outline the standards for the management of City and County San Francisco websites.


The purpose of the COIT website policy is to establish standards, policies and operational processes that are applicable to all City and County of San Francisco departments.

General Policy

There will be one website for the City managed under the direction of the Department of Technology (DT). All City Departments will:

  • Host and update web sites using the City's web content management system maintained by DT.
  • Own published content and be responsible for maintaining their web sites using the City's web content management.
  • Follow both the City's web public and internal policies
  • Exceptions to the design standards and hosting location can be granted by COIT upon request by a department.

Web Public Policy

The City maintains and outlines on the public City's web site the terms and conditions of use applicable to all information and services published by all City departments online. The Public web policy reviewed and approved by the City Attorney's Office addresses the following items:

  • General disclaimer limiting the general liability of the City.
  • External linking policy outlining the types of external links permitted.
  • Accessibility policy stating the City's commitment to designing web-accessible pages.
  • Privacy policy outlining how information collected is used and safeguarded.

Web Internal Policy

The City also maintains and outlines a set of internal web policies applicable to all information and services published by all City departments online. The Internal web policy is maintained by DT and addresses the following items:

  • Design standards outlining the standard web design template specifications.
  • Accessibility guidelines listing the key requirements to ensure basic web accessibility.
  • Content freshness policy mandating departments conduct web site periodic reviews.
  • Usability and quality assurance guidelines providing minimum quality standards.

January 17, 2008

Last updated: 5/12/2009 5:13:08 PM