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Listen Now Help

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To read a web page, click on the Listen Now plugin browser button.

The Listen Now plugin Toolbar will appear. On a PC or Mac the extended toolbar will appear.

Listen Now Toolbar

On a smaller device, the scrollable toolbar will appear.

Scrollable Toolbar


Toolbar Functionality of Listen Now plugin

Listen Now plugin delivers high quality speech to assist those with dyslexia, literacy difficulties, mild visual impairments and where English is a second language when browsing the web. Listen Now plugin features and options are accessed from an easy to use, floating toolbar. They include:

  1. Play by 'Hover Highlighting'
  2. Play by 'Text Selection'
  3. NEW Translator
  4. MP3 Maker
  5. Text Magnification
  6. Screen Mask
  7. NEW Simplifier
  8. NEW User Settings

Hover HighlightingPlay by 'Hover Highlighting'

To start speech, move your mouse pointer over the text (and click or tap the text if you are using a mobile or tablet device). Listen Now plugin uses dual-colour highlighting which highlights the block of text in one color and the spoken word in another to give a clear indication of what text is being read aloud and to aid navigation. The audio-visual reinforcement also improves word recognition and comprehension


Text Selection ButtonPlay by 'Text Selection'

As an alternative to Hover Highlighting, users can select specific text to hear it read aloud. Again, the text will be read out using synchronous dual-color highlighting.


Translate ButtonNEW Translator

Translate web pages and PDF documents into 74 languages! Speak the translated text where there is a matching voice available; currently 33 of the supported languages. Web owners can choose to have the translator switched on/off or choose to have individual languages switched on/off as desired.


MP3 Maker ButtonMP3 Maker

Convert text to an MP3 file with our MP3 Maker. The text can then be saved and listened to at a later time, at home or on the move. Web Owners can create MP3 files to be hosted and streamed directly from their website.


Text Magnification ButtonText Magnification

Listen Now plugin can magnify the text as it is read aloud. The magnified text is displayed with synchronous highlighting in a single line at the top of the screen, which scrolls from right to left as the text is being read aloud.


Screen Mask ButtonNEW Screen Mask

Block distractions on your screen with our Screen Mask. A semi-opaque black mask extends across your screen leaving a letterbox reading window clear. This helps you to focus on the section of the web page you are most interested in.


Simplify ButtonNEW Simplifier

Remove clutter from your screen with our new Simplifier. The feature presents the current web page in a more user-friendly layout that is free from the secondary information on the page. Once simplified, the text can be summarised, translated and printed to further help users to digest the information on the page.

Users can customise this feature to suit their individual preferences, such as: increase/decrease font size, change the colours used to highlight text and set the level of summarisation. These preferences can be stored for future use, see User Settings.

Recommended Browsers & Platforms for Listen Now plugin

  • Internet Explorer 8 and greater (IE9 or greater for PDF reading)
  • Firefox (latest release)
  • Chrome (latest release)
  • Mac: Safari (latest release)

Listen Now plugin may work on older versions of browsers. Support and updates are provided for the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Android (Chrome) and iOS/Mac (Safari).

Last updated: 6/24/2014 3:16:30 PM